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How to Speed Up Your Healing Process

How to Speed Up Your Healing Process

30 Day Speedy Healing Dietary Protocol (If your condition is more serious or you aren't following the Dietary Protocol closely then you may have to follow the Dietary Protocol longer)

While consuming our products you should eliminate meat, dairy, processed sugar (white sugar, cane sugar, brown sugar) yeast, soy and alcohol from your diet in order to maximize the benefits of our products and to speed up your healing process. ​ The reason you should eliminate the aforementioned foods (meat, dairy, processed sugar and alcohol) is because those particular foods are responsible for a vast majority of sicknesses and diseases such as High Blood Pressure, Arthritis, Cancer, Lupus, Diabetes, Sickle Cell Anemia etc.. ​ As Electrical beings we should only consume foods (Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs) that are full of Electricity in order to raise our vibrations. By consuming foods that are electrical and high in vibrations, it’ll drastically minimize the likelihood of being subjected to any “sickness” or “disease” since they only manifest in a low vibrational environment. By only consuming electrical foods and eliminating foods that'll lessen your electricity (meat, dairy, processed sugars, yeast, soy & alcohol) the body will begin to reverse any and every so called "sickness" or "disease" known to man. ​ ​ What to consume while consuming our products While consuming our products you should be primarily consuming the fruit listed below in juice form (Consume at least 32oz of fresh fruit juice daily, non-processed. Consume 64oz fresh fruit juice daily for optimal results. They will assist along with our products as far as eliminating the very toxins that's responsible for your so called sickness, condition or disease from the body. Along with consuming fresh fruit juice daily, you can also consume fresh fruit whole, as well as fresh salads. ​ When and What time to Eat and Why ​ 6AM-12PM (Only consume fresh fruit juice: non-processed) NO SOLID FOODS Reason: Between 6AM-12PM the body is undergoing its heaviest stage of detoxification upon rising, so it's best to consume fresh fruit juice considering the fact that it's top tier when it comes to detoxifying the body on molecular level. (Side Note: The body's digestive enzymes aren't as active between 6AM-12PM so you shouldn't be consuming solid foods) Also while you're sleeping the body is naturally fasting, cleansing and healing itself at an accelerated pace, so by strictly consuming fresh fruit juice the body will continue to fast, cleanse and heal itself at an accelerated pace because you're consuming the healing properties within the fresh fruit juice upon rising. 12PM-6PM (You may consume fresh fruit whole, fresh fruit juice and fresh salads) Reason: Between 12PM-6PM the body's digestive enzymes are the most active which is why this is the best time to consume solid foods. ​ 6PM-6AM (NO SOLID FOODS, ONLY FRESH FRUIT JUCE) ​ ​ Astringent Fruit (Astringent Fruit are fruit that'll eliminate the very toxins that's responsible for every sickness, disease or complication from your cells and your body as a whole.) Seeded Grapes Grapefruit Key Limes Lemons Green Apples Pineapples Oranges Pomegranates Pears Peaches Mangoes Tangerines ​ Berries Blueberries Blackberries Raspberries Strawberries Mulberries Juniper Berries Elderberries Cherries Goji Berries Persimmons Bearberries Rosehip Berries Melons Watermelon Musk Melon Cucumber (without skin) Cantaloupe Honeydew Melon Horned Melon Bitter Melon Winter Melon Honey Globe Melon Papaya (Always consume melons by themselves) AVOID MEAT, DAIRY, PROCESSED SUGAR (WHITE SUGAR, BROWN SUGAR, CANE SUGAR) ALCOHOL, BREAD, YEAST, SOY, CANNED FOODS AND SEEDLESS FRUITS AVOID USING THE MICROWAVE BEFORE STARTING AND DURING YOUR HEALING JOURNEY For a personalized healing dietary protocol, Please contact us via email: ​ ​ ​ ​

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