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Premium Purple Sea Moss Gel                                (Wildcrafted)

Premium Purple Sea Moss Gel (Wildcrafted)

Benefits of Premium Purple Sea Moss:Premium Purple Sea Moss is more abundant in Minerals, Anti-Oxdiants, Anti-Bacterial properties, Anti-Fungal properties, Anti-Microbial properties, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Radioactive properties and nutrients as a whole than so called regular Sea Moss. -Removes Excess Mucus from the Body-Removes Toxins from the Body-Removes Heavy Metals from the Body-Purifies the Blood-Prevents Blood Clots-Combats Anemia-Kills Cancer Cells-Revitalizes Cells-Oxygenates Cells-Combats Erectile Dysfunction (ED)-Natural Aphrodisiac-Amplifies your Aura (Bio-Magnetic field)-Regulates Blood PH Levels-Regulates Blood Pressure Levels-Regulates Blood Glucose Levels-Boosts Blood Circulation-Regulates Cholesterol Levels-Promotes a Healthy Pregnancy-Promotes a Healthy Lymphatic System-Promotes the Absorption of Nutrients-Promotes Healthier Reproductive System-Improves Mental Health-Improves Memory-Alleviates Depression-Alleviates Stress-Alleviates Anxiety-Alleviates PMS Symptoms-Alleviates Lupus Symptoms-Alleviates Cold, Flu & Pneumonia Symptoms-Improves Eye Sight-Stabilizes Hormones-Stabilizes Nervous System-Boosts Cognitive Functioning-Boosts Thyroid Functioning-Boosts Energy Levels-Boosts Immune System-Boosts Lymphatic System-Boosts Digestive System-Boosts Kidney Functionality-Boosts Liver Functionality-Reduces Effects of Radiation-Rich in Anti-Oxidants-Prevents & Repairs DNA Damage-Contains Anti-Aging Properties-Contains Anti-Inflammatory Properties-Contains Anti-Septic Properties-Combats Cell Corrosion-Combats Fibromyalgia-Combats Bronchitis-Combats Arthritis-Combats Sinusitis-Combats Colitis-Combats Allergies-Prevents Cancer-Treats & Prevents Eczema-Treats & Prevents Psoriasis-Treats & Prevents-Dermatitis-Treats & Prevents Acne/Pimples-Treats & Prevents Hangovers-Promotes Radiant Hair, Skin & Nails-Strengthens Bones-Speeds Up Muscle Recovery 


    Ingredients: Wildcrafted Purple Sea Moss from St. Lucia, Organic Elderberry, Natural Alkaline Spring Water



    • Add Sea Moss Gel to your favorite smoothie daily 
    • Consume the Sea Moss Gel as is with a spoon 
    • Apply Sea Moss Gel to your Face to give you Radiant Skin (Reduces Wrinkles, Reduces Dark Circles, Reduces Eye Bags) as well as to Combat Acne, Pimples & Black Heads
    • (Store and refrigerate your Sea Moss Gel immediately upon delivery so it can revert back to its original gel form) 
    • Sea Moss Gel can last in the fridge for up to 1 month. 
    • Sea Moss Gel last for up to 3 months in the Freezer.


    Dosage: The recommended dosage is 1-3 tbsp a day.

    As stated earlier sea moss is versatile, you can add it to oatmeal, smoothies, tea, soups, sauces, etc or by itself.

    (Consumption wise each 16oz/1lb jar will last you 2-4 weeks)


    -To Maximize the Benefits

    -Consume on a empty stomach 30 minutes before eating every morning

    -Deviate from consuming foods such as meat, dairy, processed sugars & alcohol 

    -Consume at least 32oz of Fresh Fruit Juice daily. 

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