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The Immunity Booster

The Immunity Booster

For the best results you'll need at least 100 capsules to consume 3 capsules twice daily for 2 weeks.


The Immunity Booster Explained:



The Immunity Booster was formulated in order to Prevent and Combat complications within the body. 


The Immunity Booster contains healing properties that Prevents & Combats Infections, Viruses, Fatigue as well as Cough, Cold & Flu like symptoms. 


Preventative maintenance is very important!


Sickness and disease only occurs when the body isn’t eliminating toxins (acids) in a timely manner, this then leads to toxic (acidic) buildup within your Cells, Tissues, Glands & Organs which will warrant the manifestation of complications throughout the entire body.


Being sick causes the following: missing out on interacting and spending time with our loved ones, low vibrations, falling behind on paying bills, a poor quality of life,  as well as many other things.


The likelihood of the aforementioned issues can be drastically decreased by simply consuming The Immunity Booster! 





    Ingredients: Organic Elderberry, Organic Sea Moss, Organic Lemon Balm, Organic Licorice Root, Organic Nettle, Vegan Approved Capsules 


    Usage (Capsules):

    Gradual Healing: Consume 2-3 Capsules daily

    Speedy Healing (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED): Cosume 2-3 Capsules in the Morning and Consume 2-3 Capsules in the Evening


    Usage (Powder Form):

    (Do the following twice a day: Add 2-3tsp of The Immunity Booster Powder to your favorite Tea, Juice or Smoothie

    To Maximize the Benefits of The Immunity Booster


    -Consume The Immunity Booster on a empty stomach, 30 minutes before eating in the morning



    -PLEASE follow The Speedy Healing Dietary Protocol while consuming The Immunity Booster in order to reap optimal benefits.


    -You'll still reap the benefits of The Kidney Restorator no matter what but by following The Speedy Healing Dietary Protocol you'll be able to amplify all of The Immunity Booster Benefits.

    -Deviate from consuming foods such as meat, dairy, processed sugars & alcohol

    -Consume at least 32oz of Fresh Fruit Juice daily.


    (For recommended fruit refer to "Speedy Healing" Page)

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