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The Iron Booster

The Iron Booster

For the best results you'll need at least 100 capsules to consume 3 capsules twice daily for 2 weeks.


The Iron Booster Explained:


The Iron Booster does a remarkable job of assuring that you’re getting the appropriate amount Iron in order to execute tasks within the body.


Examples: Sending Important Information to and from Cells, Electrify The Body, Circulate Blood, Oxygenate Cells, Convert Glucose to Energy, Create Red Blood Cells etc..


Iron is the only magnetic mineral, this enables Iron to pull in other electrical minerals within the body along with it. 


Examples: Gold, Copper, Zinc, Cobalt, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Calcium etc..


As a result of the aforementioned perk of consuming Iron, your body will also be replenished with Gold, Copper, Zinc, Cobalt, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Calcium etc..


Considering the fact that The Iron Booster is extremely rich in Iron, it will provide your body with the ability to Prevent & Combat complications that are associated with Iron Deficiency such as Anemia, Memory Loss, Fatigue, Blood Clots, Restless Leg Syndrome, Heart Problems, Lung Problems, 

Lack of Blood Circulation etc..





Benefits of The Iron Booster:



  • Combats Anemia
  • Boosts Iron Levels
  • Boosts Oxygen Levels
  • Promotes Healthy Blood Circulation 
  • Increases Red Blood Cells Count
  • Prevents Blood Clots
  • Boosts Energy Levels
  • Boosts Mental Clarity 
  • Strengthens Immune System 
  • Promotes Healthy Nervous System 
  • Promotes Healthy Pregnancy 
  • Promotes Healthy Growth & Development 
  • Promotes Healthy Sleep





     Organic Pau D’Arco, Organic Nettle, Organic Sarsaparilla Root, Organic Red Clover, Organic Licorice Root, Vegan Approved Capsules


    Usage (Capsules):


    Gradual Healing: Consume 2-3 Capsules daily


    Speedy Healing (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED): Cosume 2-3 Capsules in the Morning and Consume 2-3 Capsules in the Evening

    Usage (Powder Form):

    (Do the following twice a day: Add 2-3tsp of The Iron Booster Powder to your favorite Tea, Juice or Smoothie


    To Maximize the Benefits of The lron Booster


    -Consume The Iron Booster on a empty stomach, 30 minutes before eating in the morning


    -PLEASE follow The Speedy Healing Dietary Protocol while consuming The Iron Booster in order to reap optimal benefits.

    -You'll still reap the benefits of The no matter what but by following The Speedy Healing Dietary Protocol you'll be able to amplify all of The Heavy Iron Booster Benefits.

    -Deviate from consuming foods such as meat, dairy, processed sugars & alcohol


    -Consume at least 32oz of Fresh Fruit Juice daily.


    (For recommended fruit refer to "Speedy Healing" Page)

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