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The Parasite Eliminator

The Parasite Eliminator

Did you know? Every 8 out of 10 individuals have internal Parasites.


Most asked question: Can I consume more than one of your products at a time? Answer: Yes, you can be on up to 8 of our products (Cleanses) at one time.


For the best results you'll need at least 100 capsules to consume 3 capsules twice daily for 2 weeks.


The Parasite Eliminator Explained:


The Parasite Eliminator is a Alkaline Herbal Compound that was methodically formulated predicated upon extensive Studies and Trials. The Parasite Eliminator eliminates Parasites, Viruses, Bad Bacteria, Candida, Fungus as well as Protozoa from the body. The Parasite Eliminator does a tremendous job of eliminating Parasitic Worms from the body, such as Helminth Worms (Herpes Worm), Roundworms, Pinworms, Whipworms, Flat Worms, Hook Worms as well as others.


Parasites are responsible for depriving (stealing) nutrients from your body. Specifically, Parasites love to eat away at the structure of your DNA. Parasites also eats away at your Red Blood Cells as well as your White Blood Cells causing you to be more susceptible to sicknesses and diseases. Parasites also cause: Degenerative DNA, Poor Nervous System Performance, Chemical Imbalances in the Brain, Infertility, Schizophrenia, Diabetes, Sickle Cell Anemia, MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Autism, Dementia, Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Lack of Energy, Insomnia, Loss of Memory, Irregular Menstruation, Anemia, Inflammation etc...


The Parasite Eliminator Reviews:


More Product Reviews:


Lisa- The Parasite Eliminator is more than I expected. Very effective and any initial doubt I had disappeared when I saw dead worms in the toilet. I’m not ashamed to admit it! I’m glad I made the choice. This is the first time I’ve cleansed worms from my body and I’m absolutely pleased with this product. I’ll definitely try other products from Heru’s Holistic Healing.




Charity- It is definitely working, my family is so amazed at the benefits, I even feel a difference in my organs and not to be personal but even my vagina lol I'm so glad God lead me to this healing product 🙌👏. It's defintely a 10 Star ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️




I just received my order today. Before I took my first pill I was feeling sluggish and sleepy🥱. I took my first pill, 20 mins later the sluggishness left 🙌🏾. It's only been 4 hours and I feel a difference!



Jan- After consistently taking The Parasite Eliminator I'm no longer experiencing recurring UTI's!



Aaron- I haven't had any breakouts from HSV since I've started taking The Parasite Eliminator! Thank you so much!!



Rick- It's the real deal! I've been taking the pill for almost 2 weeks. I saw dead worms (parasites) in the toilet. Extremely effective products! It was creepy for me seeing the results but I'm glad I'm on this cleanse!



Mary- Thanks to this product I no longer have H Pylori!



Justin-I've always had Gut issues for most of my life, I started taking The Parasite Eliminator and within days I felt a difference in my gut, my stool is more solid and my brain fog left. I live by these pills!


Patricia- I've been taking The Parasite Eliminator for a couple of weeks now and I honestly do feel better. I'm able to function and I think I have less brain fog. I'm going to continue to take it and probably try some of the other products too. So far I'm very impressed!


Floyd- My relative was in the hospital with a stroke and couldn't use the bathroom. After using the product, she was able to clear her intestines.



Mauricio- I've been taking The Parasite Eliminator for about 2 weeks now and it's definitely helped calm my Ulcerative Colitis down!


Benefits of The Parasite Eliminator:

Kills Parasites

Kills Viruses

Kills Bad Bacteria

Kills H Pylori

Kills Fungus

Eliminates Candida

Eliminates SIBO

Strengthens Immune System

Strengthens Lymphatic System

Removes Excess Mucus from the Body

Removes Toxins from the Body

Purifies the Blood

Combats Anemia

Oxygenates Cells

Boosts Energy Levels

Rich in Antioxidants

Stabilizes Nervous System

Combats Cell Corrosion

Prevents & Treats Fibroids

Prevents & Treats Herpes

Prevents & Treats Lupus

Prevents & Treats Sickle Cell Anemia

Prevents & Treats Yeast Infection

Prevents & Treats Urinary Tract Infection

Prevents & Treats Eczema

Prevents & Treats Psoriasis

Prevents & Treats Dermatitis

Prevents & Treats Acne/Pimples

Alleviates PMS Symptoms

Promotes the Absorption of Nutrients

Cleanses The Kidneys

Cleanses The Liver

Cleanses The Gallbladder

Regulates Digestive System

Combats Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Promotes a Healthy Gut

Promotes Healthy Blood Circulation

Regulates Blood PH Levels

Regulates Blood Pressure Levels

Regulates Blood Glucose Levels

Regulates Cholesterol Levels

Prevents & Repairs DNA Damage

Improves Mental Health

Improves Memory

Alleviates Depression

Alleviates Stress

Alleviates Anxiety

Alleviates Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Alleviates Cold, Flu & Pneumonia Symptoms

Prevents Blood Clots

Stabilizes Hormones

Contains Anti-Aging Properties

Contains Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Combats Bronchitis

Combats Arthritis

Combats Sinusitis

Combats Colitis

Promotes Radiant Hair, Skin & Nails


    Ingredients: Organic Cascara Sagrada, Organic Black Walnut Hull, Organic Lemon Balm, Organic Wormwood Herb, Organic Quassia Chips, Organic Mugwort Organic Cloves, Organic Pau D'Arco Vegan Approved Capsule


    Usage (Capsules):

    Gradual Healing: Consume 2-3 Capsules daily

    Speedy Healing (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED): Cosume 2-3 Capsules in the Morning and Consume 2-3 Capsules in the Evening 


    Usage (Powder Form):

    (Do the following twice a day: Add 2-3tsp of The Parasite Eliminator Powder to an 8oz cup of room temperature water and let it soak overnight or for it least 8 hours then consume it in the morning on an empty stomach.

    Add 2-3tsp to your favorite Tea, Juice or Smoothie


    To Maximize the Benefits of The Parasite Eliminator

    -Consume The Parasite Eliminator on a empty stomach, 30 minutes before eating in the morning

    -PLEASE follow The Speedy Healing Dietary Protocol while consuming The Parasite Eliminator in order to reap optimal benefits.

    -You'll still reap the benefits of The Parasite Eliminator no matter what but by following The Speedy Healing Dietary Protocol you'll  be able to amplify all of The Parasite Eliminator Benefits.

    -Deviate from consuming foods such as meat, dairy, processed sugars & alcohol 

    -Consume at least 32oz of Fresh Fruit Juice daily. 

    (For recommended fruit refer to "Speedy Healing" Page)



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