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The Mind, Body & Soul Restorator (Bundle)

The Mind, Body & Soul Restorator (Bundle)

The Mind, Body & Soul Restorator Bundle includes 6 Herbal Cleanses:


1.) The Gut Restorator

2.) The Parasite Eliminator

3.) The Lymph Circulator

4.) The Kidney Restorator

5.) The Endrocine Restorator

6.) The Heart Restorator




The Mind Body & Soul Restorator Explained:


The Mind, Body & Soul Restorator was methodically assembled in order to CLEANSE, STRENGHTHEN and REVITALIZE every Atom, Molecule, Cell, Tissue, Organ and Organ System within THE ENTIRE BODY as a whole!


The Mind, Body & Soul Restorator collectively provides the entire body with every Amino Acid and Mineral that it needs in order to function at its fullest potential. By consuming The Mind Body & Soul Restorator accordingly this will enable every individual who’s consuming The Mind, Body & Soul Restorator to REVERSE, ELIMINATE and DRASTICALLY decrease the likelihood of being subjected to EVERY so called Sickness or Disease such as Diabetes, Leukemia, Lupus, Sickle Cell Anemia, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Autism, Insomnia, Fibroids, Herpes, Thyroid issues, High Blood Pressure, Fibroids COPD, Liver Failure, Kidney Failure, Osteoporosis, Crohn’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Rheumatoid Arthritis, Heart Disease, Emphysema etc…


The Mind, Body & Soul Restorator’s Reviews:


More Product Reviews:


Tracey-The Mind, Body & Soul Restorator Cleanse helped me heal from Irritable Bowel Syndrome after battling it for over 10 years! Thank you all so much for guiding me every step of the way during my healing journey!


April- I was skeptical at first, about the legitimacy of the company, & the"Mind, Body, & Soul" kit. I definitely don't regret my decision, to purchase. Within 24 hours of initial consumption, the herbs began to work. My osteoarthritis, eczema & extreme sinus issues, have improved beyond my expectations! Definitely will be a repetitive customer! ...stop thinking about it,& just buy it! You won't regret it!


Kristin- For 7 years I battled Heart Failure, after doing this detox the Doctors ran several tests on my heart and they came back revealing that I no longer have heart problems! Thank y'all for giving me life again! Y'all please continue to heal others as well!


Geraldine- After 16 years of no success with several medications, this cleanse detoxed the Hyperthyroidism right out of my body! Thank God that I found this company!


Allen- Within days of doing this cleanse I noticed my Lymphedema began to improve. Fast forward a few weeks I was completely healed!


Justina- My constant headaches no longer have me in a chokehold after successfully completing The Mind, Body and Soul Restorator Cleanse!


Karen- After completing my detox I’m excited to say that my fight with Fibromyalgia is over and I am healed!


Chris- I consulted with Heru about my Nephritis, he then suggested that I did The Mind, Body & Soul Restorator Cleanse, reluctantly I took his advice and needless to say that my Nephritis has been reversed!


Ryan- Just days into my cleanse I’ve already noticed that my pain from MS (Multiple Sclerosis) has decreased significantly!


Lynette- Healing Journey=Complete! Thank you all so much for this cleanse, it definitely helped me heal of Gastritis!


Lynn- I ordered The Mind, Body & Soul Restorator for an "incurable" ailment. I've been on it for almost 2 weeks and my body just feels better overall. My leg is healed. Since February this year my right knee has been stiff, swollen and painful to bend, I could hardly walk. The past week and a half it's been getting better and better and today is the first day since last February that've I've been able to jog on the treadmill and I'm able to fully bend my knee..the pain is 95 percent gone! These herbs are legit!


Thad- This cleanse helped me get rid of the Chronic Headaches that I suffered from for years! Words can't explain how grateful I am that I found this company! Thank you guys!


Que- I love what this company did with The Mind, Body and Soul Detox. It lowered my high blood pressure & lowered my diabetes!



How long does each Cleanse last?


  • 50 capsules of each or 2oz bag of each= 2 week cleanse


  • 100 capsules of each or 4oz bag of each= 4 week cleanse


  • 200 capsules of each or 8oz bag of each= 8 week cleanse


  • 300 capsules of each or 12oz bag of each= 12 week cleanse
  • How To Consume The Mind, Body & Soul Restorator

    Instructions for The Mind, Body & Soul Restorator Capsules

    9AM-Consume 3 Capsules of The Gut Restorator & The Parasite Eliminator

    12PM-Consume 3 Capsules of The Kidney Restorator

    3PM-Consume 3 Capsules of The Lymph Circulator

    6PM-Consume 3 Capsules of The Endocrine Restorator

    9PM-Consume 3 Capsules The Heart Restorator


    Instructions for The Mind, Body & Soul Restorator Powder:

    9AM- Consume The Gut Restorator & The Parasite Eliminator in the form of tea (3tsp)

    12PM-Consume The Kidney Restorator in the form of tea (3tsp)

    3PM-Consume The Lymph Circulator in the form of tea (3tsp)

    6PM-Consume The Endocrine Restorator in the form of tea (3tsp)

    9PM-Consume The Heart Restorator in the form of tea (3tsp)


    How to prepare The Mind, Body & Soul Restorator as tea:

    Add 3tsp to boiling water for 2 minutes then let it simmer for 5 minutes then let it cool slightly then consume or simply add powder to fresh fruit juice.


    -To Maximize the Benefits of The Mind, Body & Soul Restorator:

    PLEASE follow The Speedy Healing Dietary Protocol while consuming The Mind Body & Soul Restorator in order to reap optimal benefits.


$170.00 Regular Price
$122.00Sale Price
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